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                  Executive Summary                2/22//2014
Over 150 globally issued and pending clean energy patents 
Several of the world's highest impact, low-cost, super high
efficiency, clean energy inventions are available for license  
(High tech contract-prototyping to $100 million also available)

You are invited to review, with an eye to patent-license or purchase, several profoundly large clean energy technologies, offering many gigatons of greenhouse gas reductions and literally trillions of dollars of global economic prosperity. We presently have over 150 issued and pending worldwide patents. We assert that the following technologies set world records in macroscopic clean energy savings - civilization's foundation of all products and thus, jobs. We speak not of mere "renewable" or "supplemental energy" bandaids, but profound globally applicable fundamental scientific energy breakthroughs. They are not mere "incremental" improvements, but are startling quantum leaps, typically 10-fold better, leading to global paradigm energy transitions away from combustion and nuclear energy, and capable of extending mankind's ascent not just decades, but centuries. The banner flags above attempt to connote the global applicability of these American innovations - beginning with:

2013-14 news. Patent pending in 148 countries, "Solar Traps" technology is reported in more detail in dozens of McClatchy American newspapers here, (and more background solar publicity here). Candidly stated, Solar Traps technology requires no expensive mirrors or tracking technology and is many times better than all previously known solar technologies - far superior to PV or CSP solar. It represents a new means to capture and store almost 100% of the available local solar energy per acre at very high temperatures (far in excess of 10000F) and also at over 90% efficiency at such temperature extremes - the combination of which has not been achieved beore. Mastering both high temperatures and high efficiencies at low costs has, until now, been the solar barrier to achieving ultimate and vital goal of super cheap very long term solar energy macro STORAGE. Pinnacle Products has shattered those barriers by 10-fold better than all before. High temperatures have always been a fundamental physics requirement of all efficient thermal engines (Carnot thermodynamics), such as thermoelectric power plant turbines. Higher collection temperatures also dramatically reduce the cost of compactly storing voluminous thermal energy - a second vital solar barrier of 24/7 reliability.

January 2014 super high efficiency solid state thermoelectricity (no turbines) patent has been filed and a new thermodynamics law of physics is presently undergoing  final scientific review.
It was suggested above that very high electric power efficiencies are totally governed by employing the highest possible temperature "fuel," including high temperature SOLAR fuel. That was the old law of physics. Global steam power plants do indeed demand very high temperatures and pressure steam to efficiently power rotary turbines. The weakness of such prior art steam power generation is not only the need of very high temperatures, but also the gross thermal waste energy after steam exits the turbines and condenses back to liquid. Typically massive amounts of river water is employed to condense the final low vapor pressure steam back to liquid water, so that  it can be pumped back to very hot boilers to repeat the generating cycle. Typically, over 60% of conventional power plant input energy (from coal/gas/oil/nuclear/solar) is completely wasted to river heating. Thus, for more than a century, the power industry has sought ingenious means to somehow capture those literally trillions of dollars per year of waste heat. Such a discovery must not only be inexpensive, but must also be practical in all ways - a set of exceptional challenges, so far, un-achieved worldwide. Suddenly, a low-cost and practical proposed waste heat recovery solutions has popped up!  This long overdue breakthrough has just been filed in the US Patent Office by Pinnacle Products. We must be candid: This waste heat recovery patent application must be validated by more than one impeccable independent reviews - which is underway, and is indeed being validated, as we speak. The next step will be prototyping for absolute validation. At this stage, Pinnacle has solicited several PhD and thermal engineering reviews of its breakthrough invention and no fatal flaws have been identified. Moreover, if fully validated, it will revise and repair a 190 year old chasm in the fundamental physics 2nd law of thermodynamics!  By that, we mean, over 90% thermal-to-electricity conversion efficiency can be achieved - a goal that Lord Kelvin and James Joule tried to prove but failed to demonstrate between 1824 and 1889. Even today, the 2nd law is criticized and ridiculed for being based on "empirical deductions" and on "negative statements" (like "impossible" and "cannot") where, in scientific circles, a "negative" can not to proven. Only positives can be proven by demonstrations plus flawless theory(ies). Thus, with emphasis, if Pinnacle's thermoelectric generation patent pending invention is fully validated, it will finally repair the 2nd Law and open trillions of dollars of added prosperity. If, on the other hand, for reasons that Pinnacle and reviewers, cannot determine, the thermoelectric invention can "only" achieve a large fraction of waste heat recovery (i.e. not "over 90% recovery), it is still expected to shatter past scientific barriers, while not in the slightest way defy the all-powerful 1st Law of thermodynamics.  The outcome of this breakthrough will be determined early in 2014. This American pending patent will then be filed in many other countries - all aimed at keeping America strong. Thermal waste energy recover can profoundly alter land, sea and air transportation; power plants, and countless  other energy demands.
Pinnacle Products is ethically bound under a gentleman's embargo agreement to not publish more of these world record Solar Traps and high efficiency thermoelectricity technologies until McClatchy news breaks the full story, linked above, and of course, until the aforementioned patents are published.

For now, you should know the following background information. Solar energy - freely available to all nations - is, by far, the world's  largest energy resource - in fact, 10,000 times greater than all of mankind's present daily energy demands. But, until now, solar technology has never been economically mastered. It's been far too expensive. The "cost of energy" has become the entire global energy barrier. "Energy" per se, is not scarce or getting scarce. It's progressively gotten far too expensive for our $70 trillion global economy to absorb it. The present global high-cost of energy is frequently cited as the root cause of economically failing nations. Thus, by discovering and rapidly implementing a far lower-cost and perfectly clean energy, we can not only preserve the dwindling low-cost carbon combustion resources for posterity, we can also abandon nuclear energy applications as well. These measures allow our treasured carbon reserves to be used and recycled forever for countless better uses instead of burning them.  The "Solar Trap & Store" technology briefed here will be expanded after the above-mentioned embargo is lifted. You will learn why the Solar Traps breakthrough is such an ideal companion technology of our other energy-delivery technologies below. For now, you may click the above link to the newspaper release to learn more. 
Here's H2OPE,
Pinnacle Products management.

Back to the former website announcements:
1). This royalty-free global warming solution - the only known fail-safe benign planetary cooling proposal powerful enough to overcome both human and earth's monstrously larger 18,000-year natural global warming phenomenon.  This invention is considered too important to patent it. It is freely offered for use by anyone. This invention was mathematically modeled by Stanford University super computers and found to be credible. The novel invention can not only correct human greenhouse effects, but also the 12-times-larger and more certain
"natural" ice-age oscillations confronting mankind (centuries of rising oceans), while also providing two free side benefits: a) refreshing a large percentage of earth's critical fresh water deficits and b) naturally sequestering gigatons of CO2 into the oceans with  the proposed 1% additional cold rainwater (page 5 in the above global warming link). Moreover, Pinnacle's newest Solar Trap collectors can be employed to power the entire global cooling proposed apparatus, even if everything is located on a few hundred remote islands strategically located around the northern hemisphere; 

2). A second macroscopic energy technology, "
GeoSolar Technology," is a unique patented (in many countries) energy-delivery technology. It employs the world's existing  multi-trillion dollar underground potable water infrastructure to effortlessly deliver essentially unlimited ice-cold potable water in steamy summer months to buildings for frigid space cooling or, in frigid winter months - deliver mildly warm potable water to entire communities for ultra low-cost winter space heating. The outstanding novelty of GeoSolar technology is that it does not waste a drop of precious potable water and it requires no plumbing excavation. Another spectacular feature of GeoSolar technology is its ability to deliver essentially unlimited quantities of solar energy collected by the Solar Trapping and inexpensive storage technology described above. As a reminder, once high temperature solar energy is economically mastered, as previously emphasized, such  high temperature thermal energy may be easily transformed directly into other useful forms of energy - such as frigid cold energy, which can then be delivered to buildings, at almost no cost, for air conditioning. As such, almost all electricity demands for air conditioning are eliminated. Solar heating and cooling costs can both be dramatically reduced by 10-fold or more. Thus, the marriage of Solar Traps technology and GeoSolar technology can have a profound impact on up to 40% of the world's entire energy demand. No other technology comes close to matching  this low-cost, and ultra clean energy - a potential $5 trillion marriage (200 x 1015 BTU annual energy savings)! Pre-warming potable water is easily accomplished by collecting free solar energy to warm potable water stored in ordinary water storage towers and then delivered by the novel GeoSolar technology. Likewise, pre-chilling potable water and storing frigid water as usual in water towers, allows GeoSolar technology to distribute space cooling energy to buildings throughout entire cities if desired, thereby eliminating the massive demand of high-cost summer electrically powered refrigeration cooling. To suggest that "Solar Traps and GeoSolar technologies are a perfect marriage" is a gross understatement;

3).  A third "cold energy" Pinnacle Products pending invention also relates to the powerful "GeoSolar" technology invention above. This invention is too new to elaborate publicly. Patent applications have not yet been filed. Thus, some cryptic language is employed here. However, this "cold energy" invention involves a radically new means to extremely economically extract the phenomenally large cold energy stored in deep ocean/lake bodies of water, so that it can be employed even hundreds of miles away onshore by the above GeoSolar energy-distribution invention.  All ocean water deeper than about 3000 feet is nearly ice-cold (4oC or lower).  Such a huge cold thermal reservoir (about 250 million cubic miles) is an obvious resource for free summer space-conditioning if only a means to get the cold energy to shore and to deliver it to all buildings were known. GeoSolar potable water is the means to deliver it to buildings, but a means to capture deep cold energy was, until now, the gross economic barrier. The present invention has finally broken the economic barrier by a factor of about 100-fold lower cost.  This invention can now convey deep "cold energy," without the use of long pipes, even hundreds of miles to inland cities at a typical cost of about 15 cents per day of residential space cooling (about 390,000 BTUs/day).  Thus, southern and especially tropical climates (where space-cooling is the largest energy demand) can now tap the free cold energy of our frigid oceans to create 10-fold lower cost space-cooling. That, in turn, dramatically slashes local electric power generation by about 1kw (~24 kwhrs/day) per residence, which represents a profound electric power reduction, especially critical in energy-poor nations and high-priced island electricity. As sometimes occurs with new breakthroughs like this, other benefits become apparent. In this case, record-low-cost desalination is the benefit. Not only can extremely low-cost space-cooling be provided, but copious desalinated ocean water is a free byproduct of harvesting the deep cold energy. Thus, super low-cost and very clean space-cooling plus copious fresh water are the results of applying GeoSolar Technology to this new breakthrough invention which harvests the nearly unlimited resources of deep oceans (with no known oceanic environmental impacts). Even if all of humanity used deep oceans for space cooling, the ocean temperature would not change by even 0.0001 oC;

4). The above mentioned "Solar Traps" breakthrough energy technology can greatly enhance the above GeoSolar Technology. Solar Trapping provides a dramatically lower-cost means to optically concentrate and store macro quantities of very high temperature solar energy, the thermal energy of which can be delivered to homes and buildings at almost no cost with the above GeoSolar potable water energy-delivery technology.  Prior arts to collect concentrated solar power with mirrors have made solar power several times more expensive than combustion energy. This new 10-times better optical collection method is physically smaller and much lower-cost and also produces much higher operating temperatures with exceptionally low thermal losses. All of that opens opportunities to store gargantuan quantities of super-high temperature thermal energy for many weeks of cloudy days and nights. The combined "solar block" invention plus the GeoSolar delivery invention can be employed in northern climates to overcome the exceptionally high costs of space-heating - thereby saving as much as thousands of dollars per home per winter. The same high temperature Solar Trap invention can also be employed to efficiently generate reliable electricity without need of conventional combustion or nuclear power plants as backup power systems. Many people are referring to "solar traps" as the gateway to mankind's multi-century "Solar Age" as we exit the "Combustion Age" and exhaust our nuclear fuels. Buttressing the "Solar Age" label is the fact that the solar flux befalling earth is 10,000 times greater than mankind's total energy consumption - sufficient to meet human energy needs for hundreds of years. If humanity does, in fact, make a full Solar Age transition to very cheap solar energy (thermal or electricity), only your imagination limits visions of clean air, abundant water, food, and industrial applications. Even super-clean, 85%-efficient electric cars are becoming popular because 10 times better automobile storage batteries are being produced. Thus, say goodbye to 20% efficient combustion engines.

5). This 5th deceptively simple low-cost infrared energy conservation invention is just one more of an arsenal of creative efforts at Pinnacle Products to dramatically slash man's energy consumption. This novel invention illustrates how macro space heating energy consumption can be slashed in a most unexpected way.  This invention, called "
Beamers," is a new optical means to flood a human body with a safe and warming mere 50 watt beam of infrared light about 10-20 times more efficiently than prior art 1500W infrared heaters, such as old parabolic reflector heaters or flood radiant heaters. By studying human physiology in cool ambient air plus indoor space-heating physics, "chilly" has been scientifically re-defined and the cost of human winter comfort-heating has led to an ability to greatly reduce indoor air temperatures without feeling "chilly". Ve
ry low cost Beamers demand exceptionally low input power (only 2-3 cents per month per person) and can be installed in multiple indoor or outdoor locations by novices within just seconds, and can reduce winter space-heating bills by as much as 50%. Beamers  can even be combined with the above advanced GeoSolar space-heating technology to further reduce winter heating costs by about 50% below the already very low winter heating energy consumption of GeoSolar technology.  Beamers take the concept of space-heating physics to the limit by collapsing "zone heating" from house-size heating to below room-size zone heating, and ultimately, to the mere size of heating just one human body. House and room thermostats can be dramatically lowered by 10s of degrees F in comfort without occupants having to wear outdoor winter clothing. Thus, it is surprising to see that it is still possible for inexpensive products, such as low powered Beamers, to have a profound impact on reducing tens of thousands of watts in space heating power - a simple way to reduce greenhouse gases from hundreds of millions of homes by gigatons while saving billions of energy dollars. 

Global Energy Facts
If you know a great deal about all of the many kinds of known global energy reserves -
the many kinds of carbon, various forms of nuclear, solar, kinetic energies, the molten
core thermal, and others - then you should also be worried, not for your grandchildren
but for your children.  Energy, the very foundation of civilization, is nowhere near as
abundant as almost everyone thinks. Meticulous global surveys show that our
status quo energy days are ending. Low-cost energy sources are already over half
depleted and are vanishing at a pace of 5.2 x 1017 BTUs per year (equal to 17,000 billion watts 24/365) - with consumption still increasing. Rising energy prices threaten global economic failure. The rub is not 6-10 decades away. The economic brick wall is likely less than 3 decades away. New cheap and clean energy sources, far larger than anything in history, must be found.

Fortunately, there really IS "H2OPE". The laws of physics are on our side. The 
innovative examples above illustrate that America does possess the talents,
the resources, and the creative spirit to avert global catastrophes. Complacency is not an option. Surely, we have many visionary leaders who crave a return to long term
prosperity, who see the opportunities to export macro energy products to other
nations, and who want to employ millions of Americans. 

GeoSolar Technology represents a broad and powerful global opportunity to 
usher in much higher prosperity by diverting trillions of dollars of current energy 
expenditures to better uses. It is large enough to help U.S. potable water companies 
pay the estimated $540 billion aging pipe-repair or face monstrous deficit funding.
Likewise, GeoSolar technology can dramatically slash electric power generation but,
without financially endangering electric utilities. Many incorrectly argue that if electric
demand is catastrophically reduced, utilities could go bankrupt. Not true. Utilities are
financially protected under national "Stranded Cost" laws even if their conventional fuel consumption drops to near zero. Ratepayers are required to still pay a small amount to avert financial ruination of utility companies.  Ratepayers can still be the big beneficiaries. GeoSolar Technology energy savings posses a much larger continuous economic stimulus than ever contemplated by federal or state governments. GeoSolar offers stunning positive global impacts .
Pinnacle Products is but one of several macroscopic American innovators. Time
is not on our side and Mother Nature is quite unforgiving. When our well defined
conventional energy resources run low, it's literally decades too late! New transitional innovations take lots of time to mature. We at Pinnacle assert that no larger energy conservation technologies exist. Pinnacle's GeoSolar and Solar Traps technologies can impact as much as 92% of mankind's energy budget - enough time to propel mankind for centuries toward even higher H2OPES and aspirations. But one thing seems indisputable. Enormous clean energy is the enabler. 

Mankind presently spends almost $10 trillion (13%) of our $70 trillion global annual economy directly on energy. However, the cost of raw energy drives the final prices of the world's products up by roughly 40-50%. Hypothetically, if energy costs were free, the cost of living could fall by about 50% (a whopping $35 trillion). Conversely, as the low-cost energy reserves dwindle (replaced by high priced energy), the economic impacts can decimate prosperity. A transition to a "Solar Age" will surely take several decades. Why wait even one year?
Energy consumption has evolved from a mere curiosity in ancient times, to the
lifeblood of civilization and it now governs the destiny and the ascent of man.
Macro conservation - no simple matter - is the first short term line of defense against
high-cost energy. But a long term survival strategy requires an entirely new
source of energy many times larger than the last few centuries of carbon
reserves. The alternatives reduce to one. It's solar energy.

We anxiously invite courageous patent licensees to 
propel the ascent of man and save the environment.


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Additional technologies to be announced in 2013-2014

1. Supplemental to GeoSolar space conditioning are two pending patents which allow 97% efficient concentrated solar energy optics and low cost solar energy storage. Not surprisingly, other applications of these two technologies, besides GeoSolar, include far less expensive solar electricity.

2. Pinnacle will announce advanced incandescent technology able to boast over 80% "wall plug" efficiency and well over 200 lumens/watt efficacy [a standard 60W light produces only 11 L/W] - by far, the highest performance light source known. Moreover, the output light continuum can closely match the human eye response. Color rendition can achieve nearly 100%, the new devices can be fully dimmed, and can work inside cooking ovens or outdoors at any frigid temperature. And the best part is the manufacturing cost - expected to be less than $0.25 per lightbulb. A 2-watt version of this new technology should produce more light presently generated by a standard 60W light bulb! Because about 22% of the nation's generated electricity goes toward lighting, a 90% reduction of the 22% represents a potential 20% reduction in national electricity demand (hundreds of the most polluting power plants can be decommissioned). America will be poised to strike one more blow toward energy independence and economic prosperity. The initial applications of these dramatic incandescent visible light improvements are expected to be in high-end, extremely long battery-life, ultra-bright flashlights - the brightest in the world. A second great application is dimable, long life, ultra brilliant street lighting for maximum visibility and energy savings.

3. Macro Solar energy STORAGE, 100 times less expensive than molten salt thermal storage. One million times larger storage to 10^15 joules at >98% efficiency for many months... enough to even power New York City for months. Without some form of very efficient macro storage of solar energy, solar energy can only serve as supplemental power.

4. Solar energy receivers which can collect solar energy at over 1000 degC and at 98% efficiency. Without super high temperature solar COLLECTION (and macro solar storage), solar power cannot generate thermoelectricity efficiently (over 50% efficiency).

Either 1) innovate at Pinnacle Products internally or, 2) preferably, heavily fund promising external technology leading to highly efficient solar energy-to-ultra nutritious and pristine synthetic human food. The long term objective envisions mankind's next quantum evolution from our 12,000 year dependence on less than 1% energy-efficient agriculture, which presently occupies about 50,000,000 km2 (20 million sq miles) of earth's finest arable (farmable) land. Within an estimated one century, almost all agricultural land can theoretically be returned to Nature and the wild kingdom while also replenishing aquatic life. Synthetic and exceptionally nutritious food can, in principal, be many times more abundant plus be far healthier than randomly possible with "best agricultural practices". Arable land is rapidly dwindling. Future global famine can be averted with abundant, tasty, healthy, palatable, and highly efficient synthetic "food manufacturing" - a possible byproduct of having entered a Solar Age.


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